Specific advantages of working with H&L Services

  • People with the necessary years of experience

  • No administration

  • Very straightforward and unambiguous billing

  • Transparency at its best

Planning & Organisation
  • Planning within 24 hours

  • Shortest communication allowing ad hoc projects

  • Bringing in new expertise

  • We work alongside you to get the best return

Business Manager
  • We keep our ear to the ground

  • External invoices, which can be used to confront the person responsible for non-conformity

  • External invoices, which you can use for support when passing on costs

  • Supports bringing in new business or starting new projects

  • It is sometimes easier to get support from an external party than internally

  • Together with you we conceptualize a new approach

  • Our pricing is very competitive

  • Input of relevant expertise

Administration & Finance
  • Transparency at its best

  • Immediate insight into profitability

  • No unnecessary documents

  • Very clear reports on demand

Elsewhere in the supply chain
  • Bringing in external expertise

  • Optimal innovation

  • Four eyes see more than two

  • Working with us is always a win for you