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Why & How


We want to create structural employment for people who have not found their match in a traditional structure.

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By offering an alternative to temporary work. H&L Services actually takes responsibility for the productivity of its employees.


Loading and unloading containers and trucks with general cargo or other ad hoc activities at customer sites.

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H&L Services as a partner

Partnering with H&L Services to address your logistics challenges will bring you nothing but benefits:

  • You’ll know the price in advance, eliminating any surprises afterwards
  • A commitment to results: we can guarantee that our work is not over until you are completely satisfied
  • A rapid execution thanks to our experienced teams, working completely autonomously and flexibly, without supervision or direction from your employees
  • H&L Services guarantees productivity, safety, and quality of service
A cost-saving alternative to temporary employment, with added value

Do you urgently need extra logistics staff to handle an unexpected order, an overturned container, or an accident? Or perhaps you are short of hands due to specific seasonal activities or peaks?

You might automatically turn to the idea of ‘temporary employees’ and start looking for temps. But is that really the best idea? A temporary worker often does not have the (logistical) know-how and expertise to complete more difficult assignments independently. As a result, they need constant supervision and direction from one of your employees. That will only drive up costs. H&L Services takes away your worries! Professional, fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

At your premises or on-site

H&L Services will complete your assignment wherever you want: on your premises or at a specified location, wherever is most convenient for you. It is precisely this flexibility that makes our logistics services so interesting … and, in addition, we provide transport for our own staff both to and from the workplace.

Would you like to be part of our growing team?

H&L Services is constantly looking for motivated people willing to roll up their sleeves.

For an appointment, call +32 (0)3613 23 10

Mail to info@henlservices.be

Working at H&L Services

We take care of loading and unloading general cargo from containers or trucks at the customer’s premises or on-site.

  • Loading, unloading, and handling of non-palletized general cargo
  • Rework: (re)packaging and palletizing for safe transport
  • Bundling of goods by order, customer, or destination
  • (Re)loading fragile goods without glass breakage or damages
  • Stuffing and stripping, down to the last available cm³
  • Active in Antwerp, Ghent, Boom, Herentals, Grobbendonk, Kortrijk, …
Why do employees choose H&L Services?
  • As a newcomer, you will receive thorough training
  • You’ll work in a permanent team under an experienced team leader
  • We provide transport to and from your workplace
  • We ensure that safety at work is key
  • We provide appropriate clothing
  • You will earn a salary in line with the industry standard
  • Everyone gets a fair chance to prove themselves